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  • The Magical Health Components of Edible Flowers

    Most of the time, you associate flowers with looking and smelling beautiful, but there are some types of flower, which are edible, and some people believe these flowers have magical health components. While it’s not wise to just grab any flower you like the look of in the garden and have a taste, you may be shocked to find out just how many different types of flower are edible. It’s always best to check before you start eating flowers, as some types, including foxgloves and crocuses, are poisonous.

    What are the benefits of eating flowers?

    Sprinkling edible flowers onto your dinner plate will not only make your dishes look colourful and vibrant, it will also help to provide you with key nutrients. Most edible flowers contain vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for cell maintenance and repair and some also provide vitamins D, A and E.

    Nasturtiums, for example, are an excellent source of vitamin C and they also provide vitamin D, while rose petals contain vitamin E, which has amazing benefits for the skin and hair. Pumpkin flowers and lavender contain vitamin A, which is hugely beneficial for vision and eye health.

    Some flowers also contain potassium, which is essential for good heart and muscle function; examples include chrysanthemums, viola and dianthus. Borage also provides iron, which is very important for the transportation of red blood cells around the body. Just one cup of borage provides around one third of the recommended daily intake of iron for a man. Borage and lavender also contain a small amount of calcium, which is essential for building strong and healthy bones, teeth and nails.

    Some flowers, including marigolds and nasturtiums, are also rich in anti-oxidants, which have been proven to reduce the risk of a number of different health conditions and ailments. Phytonutrients, antioxidants and flavonoids are present in certain flowers and studies have shown that these powerhouses can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, age-related eye conditions, gum disease and some forms of cancer.

    Adding flowers to your diet

    There are obvious nutritional benefits to adding flowers to your diet, but it’s important to make sure that the flowers you want to include are edible. It’s advisable to ensure that the flowers you eat have not been treated with pesticides and to wash them before use. Good ways to add flowers to your diet include mixing them up in a salad, adding them to sandwich fillings and serving them as a side dish with meat or fish. If you don’t want to use flowers straightaway after picking them, you can preserve them by bathing them in vinegar or oil, adding a little sugar and then keeping them in an air-tight jar.

    You could also try growing your own flowers, which is a good way to ensure that the flowers you eat have been treated with chemicals, which could potentially cause you unpleasant symptoms. If you suffer from an upset stomach or develop symptoms related to an allergy after eating flowers, such as skin rashes, itchy nose or throat or sneezing, stop eating the flowers and avoid eating them again in the future.

    If you’re not keen on using flowers in their natural form, you could try drinking flavoured tea; there is an amazing array of flavours available now and they can provide a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional tea and coffee.

  • Top 30 floral designers on Twitter and Why You Should Follow Them

    If you are interested in keeping up with the most innovative and creative floral designers, Twitter is one of your best resources. Here you can find interesting information and resources posted on a daily basis.

    Why It’s Worth Following the Top Floral Designers on Twitter

    Twitter provides you with a convenient interface where you can keep up with the latest information provided by floral designers. The brevity of tweets lets you decide instantly whether you want to follow up on the information or not. Now let’s get to the list of the best floral designers worth following.

    1. Linda Zanini @linda6096

    Linda Zanini is a self-taught artist who lives in California. Her website contains a variety of galleries, containing art in several types of media. In addition to floral design, Linda does abstract paintings and digitally created images.

    2. Robert Gonzalez @RobertModel

    Robert Gonzalez is a model, bodybuilder, event planner and floral designer from Chicago. His tweets are an interesting mixture of information and inspirational quotes. He is a good person to contact if you want to plan an entire event, including amazing floral design.

    3. Katie Martin @GreenWed

    Katie Martin is the CEO of Elegance & Simplicity, Inc. She is a writer and wedding planner as well as floral designer. Katie’s tweets contain a great deal of useful advice for anyone who wants floral design ideas for a wedding.

    4. Imaima Marmarchi @OmaimaMarmarchi

    Omaima Marmarchi is a home decorator, fine dining chef and floral designer who works out of London, Dubai and Monte Carlo. Her tweets contain information on a variety of topics, including recipes and organic gardening.

    5. Floral Sentiments @FloralSentiment

    Floral Sentiments is an award winning floral design company operated by the Zarrelli family. They have done business in the New York-New Jersey area for more than 25 years. Their specialty is floral arrangements using Swarovski Crystal.

    6. Orna Maymon @Ornamento

    Orna Maymon is a floral designer and event planner who has a retail outlet in San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel. She has worked for many well known stores, companies and organizations, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Asian Art Museum and The San Francisco Symphony. Her store sells a variety of products, such as jewelry, beauty products and floral arrangements.

    7. Jacin Fitzgerald @lovelydetails

    Jacin Fitzgerald is a wedding planner and floral designer who works out of Napa Valley and Georgia. Her tweets provide tips on subjects from planning vacations to decorating rooms. She also runs an even planning service, which is discussed in another Twitter account: @saltgatherings.

    8. Geri Laufer @gardengeri

    Geri Laufer, in addition to being an Atlanta based floral designer, is an herb gardner and horticulturalist. She is also a public relations and social media consultant. She tweets on topics ranging from herbs, flowers, dogs and gardening.

    9. Rhiannon Nicole @heygorgevents

    Rhiannon Nicole is an event planner, floral designer and stylist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her company Hey Gorgeous, plans events such as weddings. She is also the creator of the Trouvaille Workshop, which teaches people the finer points of floral design and wedding planning.

    10. Krystal Schlegel @KrystalSchlegel

    Krystal Schlegel is a fashion blogger and floral designer from New York City. Her blog, as well as her tweets, are full of the latest chic fashion advice as well as tips on creative floral design.

    11. Flirty Fleurs @FlirtyFleurs

    Flirty Fleurs runs a blog, as well as a Pinterest page, about floral design. You can find many tips, resources and interesting anecdotes about flowers on their blog as well as by following their tweets.

    12. Fabulously Designed @fabdesigned

    Fabulously Designed is a floral and event designing company that works out of Southern California. You can see samples of their work on their blog. Their tweets are quite informative about using flowers creatively at weddings and other special events.

    13. LilMissSocial @LilMissSocial

    LilMissSocial tweets on just about every topic imaginable, but she is especially interested in politics, current news and helping animals. You can also find links to helpful resources on topics from nutrition to event planning.

    14. Kelly Harris @yespleasedesign

    Kelly Harris is an event planner and a flower and paper designer from Los Angeles. She co-owns an event styling and production company called Bash Please, which offers a variety of creative services related to event planning.

    15. Michelle VandenBosch @mvpetals

    Michelle VandenBosch is an event floral designer from Ottawa, Canada, who arranges events such as weddings, dinner parties, corporate events and other special occasions. One of her specialties is creative flower arrangements, samples of which you can see on her blog.

    16. Kerri Chandler @floral_

    Kerri Chandler is a floral designer with a fairly large Twitter following, though she has not been very active on social networks recently.

    17. Tradvintflower @Tradvintflower

    Tradvintflower is a floral design company that specializes in creating vintage style romantic weddings. They are based in the UK, in a rural section of Essex near the sea.

    18. Edelweiss Florist @CarolineTjang

    Edelweiss Florist is a floral designer that operates out of Jakarta, Indonesia. You can find a variety of photos and videos that provide samples of their work.

    19. OASIS Floral @OASISFloral

    OASIS Floral is a floral design company that has been operating in Kent, Ohio since 1954. They offer products and resources to people all over the world from their website.

    20. EightTreeStreet @EightTreeStreet

    EightTreeStreet is a floral and interior designer based in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. You can find a great deal of inspiring images and ideas from their tweets and on their website.

    21. Flashfloozy @Flashfloozy

    Flashfloozy offers products such as designer jewelry, boho headbands and handmade floral crowns. In addition to their Twitter account, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

    22. Aimee Kadi @AimeeKadi

    Aimee Kadi is a blogger and internet marketer as well as a floral and landscape designer. She lives in Montreal, Canada and tweets on many different subjects pertaining to personal growth.

    23. Jennifer Ederer @ModernDayFloral

    Jennifer Ederer is a floral design artist and event planner from Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to designing flower arrangements, she also focuses on areas such as custom furniture, couture linens and setting tables with beautiful china.

    24. Global Petals @GlobalPetals

    Global Petals is a company that specializes in providing exclusive flowers for high end floral designers. Floral arrangements are sold through their website. Their tweets contain news and information on flowers, design and related topics.

    25. Vicky Trainor @vickytrainor

    Vicky Trainor is an artist from England who creates unique social stationary that incorporates vintage floral designs. She also has a blog as well as a Facebook and Etsy page.

    26. Jeannine Kennedy @StylishPlanner

    Jeannine Kennedy is floral designer and wedding planner who tweets many informative and inspiring ideas and images about decorating and event planning.

    27. Leanne R-Hewitt @wildaboutflower

    Leanne R-Hewitt is part of a floral design and event planning company called Wild About that operates out of London, UK. You can find a large number of images and videos that showcase some of their innovative work.

    28. Sandras Flower Studio @sandrasflower

    Sandras Flower Studio is an award winning floral designer that has clients throughout the world. Their tweets and website contain quite a bit of information about planning events and flower arrangements.

    29. Alexandra Jusino @alexjusino

    Alexandra Jusino is an event floral designer from Chicago. In addition to her tweets, her website Exquisite Designs discusses many aspects of floral arrangements and event design.

    30. Jene’ Aurant @flowersRfun

    Jene ‘Aurant is a Phoenix based floral designer who tweets on many topics related to flowers, gifts and planning events. They also sell various products from their online shop.

  • 45 Ways to Express Condolences If You Are a Genuine Atheist

    While expressing condolences can be easy for individuals who profess a religious or spiritual belief, it’s often difficult for atheists to express their condolences, especially towards the non-atheistic friends or relatives. While expressing condolences can be easy for individuals who profess a religious or spiritual belief, it’s often difficult for atheists to express their condolences, especially towards the non-atheistic friends or relatives.

    Commiserating with an individual who is grieving is usually a difficult thing to do. While expressing condolences can be easy for individuals who profess a religious or spiritual belief, it’s often difficult for atheists to express their condolences, especially towards the non-atheistic friends or relatives. So how can an atheist express proper condolences without sounding callous, inconsiderate, or even disrespectful? The bias of atheists being inconsiderate individuals, when it comes to other people’s religious views, has become a generally accepted misnomer.

    Continue reading

  • Buying Flowers For Your First Date

    In television and movies the guys would bring flower to a girl they will date. Flowers play an essential part in the dating game. That’s why the tradition will continue despite the advent of technology. It is an excellent idea to bring flowers to your first date. But there are wrong and right times to bring flowers and it does not have to be roses always. Continue reading

  • 23 Stupid Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

    23 Stupid Things You Should Never Do On Your First DateFirst dates can be nerve wracking or the start of something wonderful - sometimes a first date can fall somewhere in between disaster and perfection. There are many first date blunders that are easily avoided, but there are many others that we don't often think about until it is too late and the first date faux pas has been committed. Whether it is a blunder in communication, an error in dress or choice of date location, these unfortunate errors can stall a relationship before it even starts and leave someone with the wrong impression.

    Avoid Making Common First Date Blunders with These Great Tips

    While the number of first date first date mistakes is seemingly endless and also depends on the personalities, values and expectations of each individual, there are quite a few that we can pretty much all agree should be avoided.

    What follows are some of the biggest first date no-no's. The list, while by no means exhaustive, provides a good number of tips on how to avoid first date mishaps.

    1. Phone Addiction

    We all have these amazing little mobile devices that let us stay connected with friends and family anytime, anywhere. However, a first date should not be a part of this proverbial equation. It is rude and makes it nearly impossible for you to get to know your date if you are spending the whole thing texting with Chelsea or playing Words with Friends.

    2. Sex on the First Date

    While yes, we live in the modern age where values and morals are different than they once were, sex on the first date is still a really dumb thing to do. No matter how awesome a first date seems, this is no way to end the evening and start a long-lasting relationship. If the date was really good and there was a strong connection, a kiss works more than well enough.

    3. 20 Questions

    Of course you are trying to get to know the other person, but it is a date - a social event - not an interrogation. Try to keep from barraging them with questions, you have time to get to know them.

    4. Ex Talk

    There will come a time when past relationships should be discussed as they are part of what makes us who we are today. The first date is not the time to start this dialog though. This often makes your date uncomfortable and like they are being compared to the entirety of your dating experience.

    5. Money

    Again, it is not like this isn't an important subject for couples to discuss, but finances are really not first date conversation material. Asking what someone does for a living, sure, but how much they earn and their financial habits are a topic for a more committed couple.

    6. Hot Button Issues

    Like money and past relationships. values, religious and political affiliations are important elements of personality. However, these are very sensitive issues that can elicit very strong feelings and emotions and don't make for the best "getting to know you" fodder. Save the heavy talk for if and when the relationship gets more serious.

    7. Too Much Information

    It is good to share, but try not to over share, it is a date, not an interview.

    8. Embellishing

    It can be enticing to make your life sound more exciting or elaborate than it really is, but this will lead to embarrassing confessions later on if the date is a success.

    9. Getting Sloshed

    A glass of wine is fine, it can help calm the nerves and ease the tension a little. Getting completely drunk, however, is one of the biggest first date no-no's there are.

    10. Me, Me, Me

    You want the person you are on a date with to get to know you, but you are also supposed to get to know them as well. Try to share the proverbial floor and avoid too much self-centered talk.

    11. Going Dutch, or Worse

    This is more for then men out there. Though women like to be considered equals in life and the workplace, a first date is not a time to show how "women's lib" you are. Pay for her meal, do not allow her to pay for her portion or - even worse - pay for yours as well. This tradition is one that should still be honored to make a good impression.

    12. Marriage and the Future

    Long-term goals are another important topic, but do not start talking about marriage, children, and especially the other person as part of this matrimonial equation on the first date. This is way too much, too fast and is likely to scare your date away.

    13. Family Talk

    Do not include talk about your parents and siblings in your first date conversation starters. This is another subject best left for a later time.

    14. Work Talk

    Like the above, work talk is not the best conversation piece for a first date. It is a rather bland topic and often devolves into long-winded tirades about people or things about your job you dislike.

    15. Poor Hygiene

    Take proper time and care in your appearance. Bad breath, unkempt hair, stains on clothes - these are all things that do nothing to make a good first impression. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

    16. Negative Nancy Syndrome

    For some people, nothing is ever right, or good enough, or how they would do it. It is often more easy to think of things you don't like than things you do, but try not to fall into the complaint trap or you risk coming across as a negative and unhappy person.

    17. No Private First Dates

    Dinner at your place or theirs is a bad move for a first date. That is very intimate and very comfortable, as well as far too informal for a first date.

    18. Inappropriate Dress

    Sloppy, overly revealing or otherwise inappropriate clothing choices are a serious first date faux pas. Dressing sexy or under dressing can make a very poor, or even incorrect, first impression.

    19. Silence is Only Golden-ish

    A little silence is fine but if your mind begins to wander because the conversation has lapsed so long ago, find something to say or you move from comfortable to awkward silence pretty quickly.

    20. Avoid Showing All Emotions on Your Face

    Let's face it, not everything your date says is going to be enthralling or fascinating. However, it is rude to let your boredom or irritation show through in your expression. Mind your non-verbal communication on the first date.

    21. Don't Mistreat the Wait Staff

    Flirting with the waitress or talking down to the server or bus boy is most certainly no way to conduct yourself on a first date. Always be courteous to the wait staff, and respectful too.

    22. Don't Forget to Tip

    Forgetting to tip not only makes you look cheap, but it shows a disregard for people who work for tips.

    23. Be Careful with Humor

    Laughter is a great ice breaker and also a great way to keep conversation alive and to connect. However, some of us have a rather dark or bawdy sense of humor that can unintentionally come across as offensive. Do take care when joking that you avoid anything that could be a particularly sensitive subject.

    First dates are often equally scary and exciting, there is a lot on the line. That's why it is so easy to make mistakes - it is an anxiety-inducing experience. Being aware of the stupid first date blunders noted above will help you learn from the mistakes of others (and often our own previous mistakes too) and increase the chance of a successful first date.

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