Hanukkah is an important Jewish festival. Hanukkah called the festival of lights is an occasion celebrated on the last week of November to the first week of December. The Hanukkah festival is full of tradition, and one of the traditions widely observed by the Jews is the giving of the gifts. Exchange gifts are a tradition still observed by the Jewish family.   Miracle Flowers has been delivering fresh flowers on any occasion including the Hanukkah festival. If you have run out of holiday gift ideas, Miracle Flowers can help you. We have the perfect gift ideas for your loved ones, friends and business associates that are perfect for the festival.   It is a Jewish tradition to give gifts during the Hanukkah festival. But giving gifts is not just the only traditions observed by the jews. They also play the dreidel game, lights candles and there is also singing of Hanukkah songs. The Jewish people also lit one candle every night of the festivity to mark the festival of lights. And they will chant blessing before they lit the candles. During the Hanukkah festival, there is also a family feast. With all the traditions, sending gifts is the most fun and exciting for many Jews. So, it is just natural that you send floral gifts or bouquet of flowers to celebrate the festival.   Miracle Flowers has a large selection of white and blue flowers. These colors are the traditional colors of Hanukkah festival. When you need floral gifts, order from us we deliver on time and will handle with care your flowers.